Health Minute: Getting Into Fall Fitness

Pixabay Stock Image.

JAMESTOWN – As we begin to head into cooler months, it’s time to leave the comfort of your air conditioning and enjoy all that Autumn has to offer.

Take a hike, find a new trail and take the family exploring. You don’t have to worry about getting overheated and seeing all the gorgeous autumn foliage is a bonus.

Head out on a bike ride; fall is the perfect time to put in some miles on your bike. Like hiking, it’s a good way to enjoy the changing colors in the trees.

Go apple picking; not only are you logging the steps, but at the end you will have some delicious fresh fruit you picked.

Visiting a neighborhood festival is another great low impact activity, perfect for families or solo. Plus, you will get a chance to learn about local businesses and mingle with your neighbors.

Participate in some flag football. Don’t just spend these months on your couch yelling at your TV, go outside and practice your best touch down dance.


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