Officials, Citizens Meet For “Ask Us” Event At Dow Park

Image by Norm Rodriguez/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – Officials from all levels of government answered questions from nearly a dozen citizens during an “Ask Us” event Tuesday night at Dow Park on East Sixth Street.

City Councilman At-Large Andrew Liuzzo, who is running for Jamestown City Mayor, was the coordinator of the evening. Liuzzo reiterated that the best way to create change is to come together “as neighbors.”

“Our cornerstone is building stronger relationships within our neighborhoods,” Liuzzo said. “….I can’t make anyone become a better neighbor. We have to take that on for ourselves. But, unless we start looking out for each other, we are not going to change the face of the city.”

Community member Doug Champ, who has spoken at numerous City Council meetings in the past, said events such as “Ask Us” are crucial towards creating a “personal connection” between citizens and elected officials and politicians.

“I think it’s important for citizens to have a personal connection with who they’re going to vote for,” Champ said. “Although I’m active in a lot of different things, I always try to show up at something like this and see who’s here and kind of listen to that message and see what that message might be.”

Brittnay Spry, a Republican challenging City Councilwoman Marie Carrubba in City Ward IV, said she is running because she wants to help create positive change regarding the future of Jamestown.

“In my opinion, people running unopposed doesn’t do anybody any favors,” Spry said. “It doesn’t motivate them to work harder, or be the best that they can be.”

“I want to invite people to the table. I want to know what their vision is, what they want to see the City do, what changes they want to see made, and I want to bring those voices and concerns back to City Hall and make change that is meaningful and impacts the future of our city in a better way.”

WNYNewsNow’s Norm Rodriguez contributed to this report. 


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