Jamestown Jammers Seek Fans’ Help In Renaming Team

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – Baseball fanatics throughout the City of Jamestown already knew Summer 2020 would be the start of a new era of baseball but, until Wednesday morning, not many were aware of just how new.

Image By Matt Hummel/WNYNewsNow

Jamestown Jammers General Manager Frank Fanning, hired in July, announced Wednesday morning during a media conference outside of Russell E. Deithrick, Jr. Park that the team will be changing it’s name and logo. Fanning was joined by Jamestown Community Baseball LLC Board Member Greg Peterson, Diethrick Jr., known as “Mr. Baseball,” and Scott James, an employee for the Jammers.

Fanning told members of the media that the team is asking the community to voice their ideas. (To submit ideas, click here.) Names will be judged on originality, uniqueness, creativity, regional relevance, and appropriateness for audience.

“We’re a new ownership, we’re a new vision, we’re going to be a new look, we’re going to be a fresh look for 2020,” Fanning said. “This is a community team, we’re Jamestown Community Baseball. We want the community to enter this contest, we want them to have a say in what their team is going to be called.”

“Our vision is about a lot more than baseball. It’s about a safe place to bring family, safe place to bring your friends…We want to bring back a place where the community feels very welcome, very safe, very open to make new memories.”

During the conference, WNYNewsNow asked Fanning the importance of building a fresh start, especially after a year without Jammers baseball. Fanning explained that such a start would be “huge.”

“Greg (Peterson) said something earlier on at one of our board meetings that one of our goals is to maintain and sustain this team here,” Fanning said. “You don’t get the chance sometimes for fresh starts…We are very fortunate in this community that we are getting a fresh start for a baseball team.”

“We are coming in at a perfect time here to get people reinvigorated again and interested in baseball and interested in this team.”

Fanning said the team will be working with Brandiose, a branding agency that has worked with several sports teams throughout the country. Submissions can be made from October 9th, 2019 until October 23rd. The judges will narrow down to a list of the top name choices at that time.

The team hopes to have a new name in early November, according to Fanning.

Fanning said that he, along with Manager Jordan Basile, are working to build the roster. In addition, Fanning said he’s attended various league meetings while also overseeing the business aspect of the organization.

The General Manager stressed that, despite the change, the Jammers will always be remembered for years to come.

“We’re putting the Jammers into a place in history,” Fanning said. “Respectfully placing it on the shelf, right now. It’s a part of our history, and we’re just turning the page.”

“It’s a new chapter in Jamestown baseball, and I think people are going to love whatever we come up with because it’s going to be their choice too.”


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