Jamestown Firefighter’s Union Pushes “A Safer Jamestown” Message On Billboards

JAMESTOWN – The Jamestown Professional Firefighters Local 137 increased its push for “a safer Jamestown” by placing billboards around the city recently that bring light to the personnel shortages the union said the fire department faces. 

The union released the following quote on its Facebook page Monday:

“You may have noticed our billboards around the city. Under the current administration’s dangerously low staffing levels, the same personnel who staff the ladder truck also staff the ambulance. What this means is that when the crew is on an ambulance call, the ladder truck is not available to respond to a fire. Not only does this create an even more extreme shortage of personnel to fight the fire, the ladder truck contains valuable equipment necessary for the safety of our firefighters and citizens that won’t be on scene at the fire. Vote for a safer Jamestown this fall.”

The union, last month, started their campaign to highlight understaffing within the department in a series of Facebook posts announcing the closure of local fire houses.

The posts come just weeks after the organization president, Shawn Shilling, told WNYNewsNow and other media that the Jamestown Fire Department has been severely understaffed, leaving an “unnecessary risk” to citizens throughout the city.

“As firefighters entrusted with the safety of the citizens of Jamestown, we can no longer remain silent about the current state of affairs concerning your Jamestown Fire Department,” said Shilling.


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