New Law Requires Pharmacies To Notify Patients Of Drug Recalls

Stock Photo: Pixabay

ALBANY – New York State’s Governor signed legislation Friday requiring pharmacies to inform patients of Class I drug recalls made by the FDA within seven days.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says drugs that are issued a Class I recall have a high probability of causing serious adverse health consequences or death.

The severity of health risks associated with the use of these recalled drugs is particularly high for elderly patients and those taking long-term medications.

“People deserve to know when a medication that’s supposed to make them feel better may actually make them sicker, and it’s common sense that pharmacies communicate that information to patients in real time,” Cuomo said. “This measure will help ensure patients get the facts about a recalled drug quickly so they can talk to their doctor about safer alternatives.”

Previously, there was no requirement for pharmacies to communicate this information to patients who have received the recalled drugs.

The law took effect immediately and requires pharmacies to contact patients by phone or mail.


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