Thirty Plus Dogs Rescued From Warren PA Residence

WARREN – Thirty-nine dogs in Warren County have been rescued from a residence after numerous complaints about the dogs’ living conditions.

The ‘Paws Along the River” Humane Society says they rescued the dogs over the weekend after receiving several complaints about the health and living conditions of the dogs.

The staff says with help from a group of volunteers with two U-Haul trucks they rescued the dogs.

According to Humane Society officials, the dogs were found without proper shelter, in need of veterinary care, and living in unsanitary conditions.

The group said one puppy was immediately take to the vet for treatment.

Officials said charges have yet to be filed against the dogs’ owners, but investigators are expected to present their case to a district judge soon.

In the meantime, all 39 dogs are at the shelter. The facility says they are overloaded and need some help with the animals.

Image by Paws along the River Humane Society/Facebook.


  1. thank you paws along the river for the amazing job you do! hopefully these precious babies can get new “fur” ever homes.

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