Food Stamp Squeeze: 700 Thousand Could Lose Access

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WASHINGTON – New rules could cut off more than three million people from the food stamps program.

This week, the Trump Administration unveiled three possible changes. Tightening who qualifies for aid, creating work requirements, and changing allowances for utility expenses.

The three proposed rule changes could mean 688,000 people losing assistance if a work mandate is enforced.

More than three million losing aid if the qualifying requirements change, and nearly half a million students wouldn’t qualify for reduced lunch at school.

The President says the new rules would mean more non-disabled Americans will get back to work.

“People don’t want a hand out,” said Kimberly Guilfoyle, a re-election adviser for President Trump. “They want to work.”

Although, critics argue more restrictions on welfare programs hurt American families.

“They ignore already strict work requirements in statute to paint a dishonest picture of greedy, welfare sponges,” said Rep. Marcia Fudge.

In total, more than 36 million Americans currently receive SNAP benefits.


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  1. To be honest Trump does to need to get the hell out of the white house. Since he has been in the white house he has been nothing but trouble. I have to be on government stuff. So the people who need it he need to just stop trying to make people piss off at him. I wish his ass would just get out of the white house. I wish this impeachment Trump has would just hurry up and get him out of the white house.

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