Problem Solvers Caucus Endorses Bill To Boost Transparency In Student Data

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WASHINGTON – The Problem Solvers Caucus formally endorsed a bipartisan act that aims to establish a post-secondary student data system on Friday.

Congressman Tom Reed says the College Transparency Act would require the Department of Education to provide actionable and customizable information so students and families can make responsible choices about higher education with new access to data on enrollment, completion, and post-graduation success across colleges and majors.

“With college costs continuing to explode and graduates saddled with mountains of debt, we care about ensuring parents and students have the best information possible about how colleges are serving students,” said Reed. “This is why I am glad the Problem Solvers Caucus could get behind this common sense bill so our kids can have fair access to the best data possible to make an informed decision about their future.”

The 24 Democrats and 24 Republicans hope to have greater transparency in student outcomes within our post-secondary education system and agreed that citizens have a right to know answers to questions around student access and success.

The bill was introduced in the House by Rep. Paul Mitchell, and brought to the Caucus for endorsement with the help of Rep. Josh Harder.

The legislation currently has 128 co-sponsors. Bipartisan Senate companion legislation, S.800, was introduced by Senator Bill Cassidy.


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