Trump Signs Robocall Bill Into Law As New York Takes A Stand On The Nuisance

Photo: Pixabay

JAMESTOWN – 2020 may be the year we get fewer annoying robocalls.

On Monday, President Donald Trump signed a law increasing fines for companies using the phone to hawk illegal financial schemes and other services.

The “Traced Act” gives officials the authority to fine companies ten-thousand dollars for each illegally placed call.

New York State’s Governor announced Tuesday morning he plans to unveil his own plan to crackdown on the nuisance.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he will urge lawmakers to pass a multi-pronged legislative package that would require telecommunications companies to deploy technology that allows customers to block suspected robocalls.

The proposal would require providers to quickly adopt widely available technology that warns consumers about potential robocalls and scams, including those not originating from New York numbers.

Americans have dealt with more than one billion such calls. The new law signed by President Trump comes after the Federal Communications Commission announced a nation-wide crackdown of robocalls in June.

That’s also when it gave wireless carriers permission to block some unwanted calls automatically.

The Traced Act is a bi-partisan measure passed by the House and Senate earlier this year.


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