Cuomo Pulls Man From Car Crash On NYC Highway

Image by New York State Governor's Staff.

NEW YORK — Gov. Andrew Cuomo was filmed Monday helping a man out of a van that crashed on a major New York City highway.

Footage taken by his staff showed the Democratic governor helping a man out of the driver’s seat of a large catering van that had run up the median and turned on its side on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Cuomo and his staff were on their way back from a luncheon at the Association for a Better New York, en route to catch a flight when they came across the crash.

The New York Police Department had not yet arrived on the scene when Cuomo’s vehicle pulled over and the governor cut the man out of his seat belt and helped him to safety. He received assistance from the state police troopers he was traveling with.

Fire officials told the New York Post that no injuries were reported and there was only damage to the vehicle.


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  1. What’s he doing with an armed guard? I thought he was against handguns and weapons of mass destruction in NY State..Oh, I forgot, that is only for the lowly masses and not for the royalty..

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