Cornell Student Being Tested For Possible Coronavirus Infection

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ITHACA – A Cornell University student is being tested for the Coronavirus.

The university says the student just got back from China, something the school has now banned for the time-being.

Samples have been sent to the CDC, but until the results are back, that person will stay in isolation and be monitored by the county health department.

Students on campus got the news on Monday and, as you can imagine, many are on edge with some of them even wearing masks.

“Yeah, the fact that, because everyone spreads so many germs and we all live in the same place and the fact that any of us could pick up the virus is a little freaky,” said Mimi Delisser, a student at the school.

Officials say the risk of this spreading is pretty low. As of now, there are no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in New York State.


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