Woman Arrested After Allegedly Threatening Person With Baseball Bat

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JAMESTOWN – A City of Jamestown woman is facing several charges after allegedly threatening a person with a baseball bat on Tuesday.

Jamestown Police say they were dispatched to a past tense harassment call at a West 6th Street address.

Through investigation, officers allege that Mary Myers, 47, threatened a woman with the bat.

Myers was arrested and charged with second-degree menacing.

Officers say she was taken to Jamestown City Jail and later released with an appearance ticket.



  1. wasn’t a knife…. wasn’t a gun …. no contact made… no blood lost….leave her alone with just a scolding….Jmst. has far too many more problems to deal with than this little insignificant issue…🤔

    • I was just recently charged with a simple misdemeanor because I threatened a female with a baseball bat for threatening to jump my sister, now I have to go to court and I have no idea what there gonna charge me

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