New York’s Governor Continues To Defend State Green Light Law

Gabriel López Albarrán / Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

ALBANY – New York’s Governor is continuing to defend the state’s Green Light Law, saying it solves a public safety issue.

The law has created tension between President Trump and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In a radio interview this week, Cuomo defended the decision to allow undocumented immigrants in New York State to obtain driver’s licenses.

Cuomo says he wants to make sure people who are driving on New York roads pass a driving test.

“It’s a public safety issue,” said Cuomo. “So even if you’re not in full compliance with the immigration laws, you can get a driver’s license if you take the test and if you pass the test because we want to make sure if you are driving, you know what you are doing.”

Cuomo continued by saying the federal government wants access to the DMV’s database so it can obtain information about illegal immigrants in New York.

This month, the federal government banned New Yorkers from applying for the Trusted Travelers Program, which allows vetted travelers to pass through border and airport security more quickly.


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  1. Questions: If undocumented immigrants get a NYS license to drive, can they vote?

    Is so, can a Canadian driver who comes to NYS and applies for a NYS drivers license, so they can assure us that they can drive safely, can they now also vote?

    Sorry but I just want to be completely informed. Thank you if you answer my questions.

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