BPU Renews Water Agreement With Town Of North Harmony, Busti

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JAMESTOWN – The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities has renewed its water agreement with the Towns of North Harmony and Busti.

As part of the agreement, the BPU agrees to perform the normal operation, maintenance and repair of the existing water distribution mains located within the Town of North Harmony.

The cost of any improvements or extensions of the water system in the Town, including replacement of damaged or deteriorated lines, shall be the responsibility of the Town of North Harmony.

In the agreement, the Town of North Harmony pledges to pay transportation charges to the Town of Busti and the Village of Lakewood whose lines transport water to the Town of North Harmony.

The contract includes agreements of revenue sharing, should new industrial or commercial development occur in the Town of North Harmony, requiring water to be provided by the BPU.

The ten-year agreement extends through 2030 and replaces a 2005 contract that had expired in 2019.

The new pact does not include an automatic renewal clause but stipulates that negotiations for a 2030 agreement must begin in the ninth year of the contract.


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