Duo Arrested Following Burglary, Allegedly Took $20,000 In Tech

JAMESTOWN – Two people are facing charges in connection with a Tuesday evening burglary at Digitell in Downtown Jamestown.

Jamestown Police say Bryan Novaro, 29, and Anthony Lackner, 24, allegedly stole more than $20,000 in computers and accessories.

Police say the duo was captured on surveillance video entering then exiting the business with the electronics.

Officers say Novaro was located walking with a stolen laptop on North Main Street.

Lackner was arrested at an address on Franklin Street.

Investigators believe there are still multiple laptop computers missing, with brand names of “System 76,” “MSI” and “Eurocom.”

Anyone who may have come into possession of the laptops are asked to contact Jamestown Police to have it turned in without prosecution.

Those later found in possession of the items will likely be charged in addition to Novaro and Lackner.

Both are charged with third-degree burglary and grand larceny.


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