Governor Quarantines New York Town Most Impacted By Coronavirus

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ALBANY- New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says a containment area will be set up in the city of New Rochelle as Westchester County works to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Schools and facilities within will be closed for two weeks, and the National Guard will deploy to this area to help support the community.

Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker said the area is a circle with a radius of about one mile.

Starting on Thursday, facilities and schools within the area will be closed for two weeks. The National Guard will help deliver food to homes and clean public spaces in the containment area, Cuomo said, describing the plan as a “dramatic action.”

This will go on through March 25.

“We’ll go in, we’ll clean the schools and assess the situation,” Cuomo said. “This will be a period of disruption for the community.”

Cuomo described it as a “matter of life and death.”

New York is also setting up a satellite testing facility, partnering with Northwell Health, in New Rochelle, which is in Westchester County.

New Rochelle is “a particular problem,” Cuomo said, adding that “the numbers have been going up, the numbers continue to go up, the numbers are going up unabated.”

Cuomo stressed the shutting facilities in the area is a “dramatic action” that applies to “large congregate facilities for gatherings,” including schools and temples, but not “everything.”


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