Jamestown Mayor Issues State Of Emergency

JAMESTOWN – Mayor Eddie Sundquist issued a State of Emergency effective tomorrow for the City of Jamestown during a press conference Monday morning. 

Sundquist says he issued the State of Emergency because he wants to make sure Jamestown, the county’s largest city, is prepared as the situation progresses. Sundquist confirms that there are not any confirmed reports of the virus.

“This is not a case of if it comes to Jamestown (it’s a matter of when),” Sundquist said. Sundquist says he wants to “be able to prevent the spread as much as possible.”

“Stay calm, don’t panic,” Sundquist said. “There’s no need to panic (when buying toiletries).”

Sundquist says the City Clerk’s office will not be issuing passports for March and April.

“There’s no question there will be an economic impact, but the safety of residents is ten times more important,” Sundquist said. Sundquist says his staff will remain supportive of local businesses.

All City Council meetings will be restricted to the media and City Council. The meetings, however, will be streamed online.

Jamestown Public Schools Superintendent Bret Apthorpe says his staff has created a plan “hoping for the best, but expecting the worse.” Apthorpe says, at this point, the school district will remain closed until at least April 20.

Apthrope says the schools are closed to everyone except essential staff. Apthorpe, however, says students are able to go to school to pick up their supplies.

Staff are currently working on providing education, food and child care opportunities. Beginning Tuesday, the district says students will receive lunch along with a bag breakfast for the following day. Meals can be picked up from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at the drop off zones for each middle school,  and at the pool doors location at JHS.

The District says they recommend students make the pickup at the closest location. Anyone who may have difficulty with the pickup is asked to call their school’s main office.

Childcare for families with children UPK to fifth grade will be provided for those who need it. The District says details with partner organizations are being finalized this morning and more information will be released today.

The District says they’ll provide a variety of resources to support students’ continued learning at home for elementary, middle and high school students. Schools will determine the mode of delivery with more information for the specific levels to be sent out today from the district and schools

The superintendent says the school’s website, www.jpsny.org will be updated every single day.


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  1. How about providing filter masks for those at high risk? I’m not a panicked hoarder, however, I do need to go the store occasionally

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