Walmart To Offer Part-Time Jobs In Wake Of Coronavirus Outbreak

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LAKEWOOD – With many people temporarily losing jobs due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Walmart is offering part-time jobs to help people during the crisis.  

The Lakewood Walmart posted the following statement on its Facebook page Wednesday morning: “Your Lakewood Walmart understands that these are difficult times for some and concerning times for all. As we have heard there are several business laying off workers in wake of these challenges.”

The statement continues, “We are looking to hire some of these folks as temps to help them through these difficult times and offer them a consistent paycheck until they are able to return to their jobs.”

The statement also said that they are working to quicken the process in some cases, as some can begin work on the same day as their interview. Walmart told people that they have options.

Those interested in a job can apply at


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  1. Covid19 crises have given another thrust to the rise of Part-time employment as millions of people have lost the jobs and employers are also reluctant to hire permanent employees because of uncertainties lies ahead because of the corona crisis.

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