Local Manufacturer Takes Steps To Protect Workers From Virus Exposure

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LAKEWOOD – One of Chautauqua County’s largest manufacturing plants is taking steps to protect its workers from novel Coronavirus exposure.

Cummins Engine Plant, in a post on the company’s website, says they are working to implement internal health and safety policies to protect their employees.

“Our highest priority is the health and safety of our employees,” the company said in the post.  “Employees in many impacted areas are working from home in those functions where this can be accomplished.”

The company says they are providing protective wear and disinfection supplies for employees working on-site, and ensuring the sanitation and disinfection of Cummins facilities regularly.

Furthermore, Cummins says they currently have region-specific travel bans in place as well as a global travel restriction. Visits by external parties such as customers and suppliers to Cummins facilities may be limited.

“We continue to assess these policies as conditions evolve to ensure the health and safety of our employees,” the company says.

Recently, the company provided more than 500,000 protective masks to Cummins employees in China during the virus outbreak.



  1. I work there, there aren’t any protective measures at all other than a ply wood quarantine room. All doors entering the plant do not have hand sanitization areas, central core which is like a small vending area where hundreds of people touch food products, chairs, and a touch screen for purchasing food is only cleaned once a night. Do not be fooled by the illusions of Cummins. The only employees they are “protecting” are the useless management teams who are working from home, as for everyone on the floor working directly next to one another well good luck to them because apparently production means more than employee health and well being.

  2. Cummins is not an essential business; therefore should have to shut down like everyone else. They have way to many people on one area, as well as deliveries coming in and out all day from all over! It’s not right! There working families NEED to be a priority!!!

  3. Our plant is like a ghost town in the offices they are all working from home, parking is a breeze though. But the hourly workers are forced to stand in line so as to heard through one entrance to be asked three ridiculous questions so much for social distancing! We have several employees that are home under quarantine that worked side by side with us. In a meeting we were told we would be given time off if there were any instances of corona virus, well the company lied and now they are telling us the country needs us and we have a civic duty to keep the plant running. Corporate greed don’t you think?

  4. @Doug is definitely a cop. I bet you read all the terms and conditions on every website you come across and kiss your father on the mouth as a grown adult.

    For real though Doug, how do you benefit from supporting corporate greed over being humane to employees who bust their ass for that company day after day? Not sure what you gain punishing the little guys by siding with the big ones. Pretty sure Diesel engines that won’t even go in chassis for months can wait until after the pandemic calms down and the paranoia has subsided.

    I hope you’re at least one of the big wigs who makes some sort of portion of this greed, and not just a 90-percenter who still thinks the 1% gives a damn about you.

    But rock on, Doug. Hope you’re never put in the same position as these guys.

  5. How many N95 respiratory masks are being made available to Jamestown employees. If Cummins is helping build emergency needed engines are they donating them to emergency areas? Can a list of these emergency areas be published so Chautauqua county residents can know what help we are giving the world due this crisis? Definitely would like to see credit given for the great sacrifices being made.

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