Chautauqua County Receives Two New Positive COVID-19 Cases, Brings Total To Five

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County is now up to five positive Coronavirus cases, according to officials in a press conference Friday afternoon. 

A male in him 60’s with recent travel to New York City and a female in her 30’s with no recent travel history are the two new positive cases of Novel Coronavirus in Chautauqua County with several residents remaining in isolation.

Currently, the county Health Department has 49 pending Coronavirus test results but officials said there could be more tests are pending that were not notified to county health officials.

The towns in where the positive cases were found are not being disclosed by county officials in protect the safety and the privacy of the infected persons.

Christine Schuyler, Director of Public Health, says they’ve received nearly 70 negative test results today.

While test kits remain in high demand, Schuyler also said that UPMC Chautauqua could be utilizing a new test “within the next week” which has a drastically reduced result time. Current tests can take upwards of three to six days to come in while the new test can generate results within 45 minutes.

County Executive PJ Wendel said several county business have stepped up and are helping to produce critical medical supplies for Chautauqua County.



  1. The only reason Chautauqua County has so few confirmed cases is because of the belief that they shouldn’t test because there is no vaccine. This belief is flawed for so many reasons it isn’t funny. Without calling someone out, which is not productive at this point, we all need to know how far this reaches. We do not all need to become hypochondriacs and social dissidents for life, however with this belief more than not will become this way. People need to look at this more seriously before they make these decisions that may change our society for the worse than technology and social media already has.

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