Officials Give Local COVID Update, New Tracking Map Unveiled

MAYVILLE – Health officials in Chautauqua County say there were no new positive tests of COVID-19 reported Wednesday.

Officials released a new online mapping tool to help display data about positive cases.

The tool divides the county info into the four fire battalions and will be updated regularly, said officials.

Now, of the 10 confirmed positive cases, two people have recovered completely and were released from mandatory quarantine, one individual has died, and seven persons are continuing to recover under mandatory quarantine.

In addition, there are several people who have received isolation and quarantine orders by the Public Health Director. This includes:

  • 25 individuals in Mandatory Quarantine (individuals confirmed positive of COVID-19 or a household contact of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case);
  • 30 individuals in Precautionary Quarantine (individuals with travel history to CDC level 3 country or proximal contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19);
  • 40 individuals in Mandatory Isolation (individuals who are symptomatic of COVID-19 and are pending COVID-19 lab test); and
  • 101 negative test results to date.

The number of cases of the virus in Cattaraugus County increased to seven Wednesday.

Officials there say a woman in the southeast part of the county, with no significant travel history, was tested for COVID-19 on Monday after being in close contact with another confirmed case.


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  1. That’s because in Chautauqua county they ARE NOT testing ppl, Brooks memorial hospital said they ARE NOT TESTING ANYONE AND ARE TREATING EVERYONE LIKE THEY HAVE THE FLU!!! NO TESTING FOR CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19! How absolutely RIDICULOUS! So if you are sick, you won’t know what you really have!! SMH

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