Borrello Says “No” To State Budget

Image by New York State Senator George Borrello / Facebook.

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ALBANY – The Democrat-majority New York State Legislature reached an agreement on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s tentative 2020 fiscal budget, but a state senator is sounding off on the budget and the process around it.

State Senator George Borrello (R-57th District) spoke following the budget hearing. Borrello says the legislature should pass a “clean budget” as the COVID-19 global pandemic continues.

“To say that I’m disappointed would be a major understatement,” Borrello said. “Unfortunately, the majority has disappointed us at the expense of every New Yorker. We’ve passed things, that I’ve not supported, that are going to be very damaging to New York State. It’s going to hurt our farmers, it’s going to attack our constitutional rights, it’s going to increase taxes, increase costs, increase regulations.”

“America is focused on COVID-19, and under the cover of the fear and addressing this pandemic the best way we can, we have a legislature that should be, right now united and apolitical, acting as egregiously political as they ever have.”

Borrello says the legislature partisanship is “truly disappointing” as he reflects on his previous service as a Chautauqua County Legislator and County Executive.

“We worked together, especially in times of crisis, to ensure the people got what they deserved,” Borrello said. “In this case, with what’s coming now for the people of the State of New York, it’s going to be even more damaging in the long run than COVID-19. That’s really the sad part about this, and I’m hopeful that there’s still opportunities to turn this over, and I hope the people of New York State understand the ramifications of what’s going on and as we go down further into the year, once we get past this crisis, they put pressure on the Democratic majority and the Governor to reverse what they’ve done here in this budget process.

During a recent Senate budget hearing, Borrello spoke out against the recently passed bail reform. The State Senator says he’s heard from law enforcement since the reform was passed, adding that they’ve been “ignored” by the State Legislature.

“We’ve heard from them (law enforcement) when this bail reform bill passed last year how devastating it would be, and unfortunately they were correct,” Borrello said. “Now, under the same process of the budget, hidden away and not discussed with law enforcement on a wide scale, we are seeing the same sledgehammer that destroyed our judicial system tried to be used again to fix it, and that’s just not how it should work.”


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