COVID: Hospitals Frustrated With Limited Remdesivir Supply

Photo: Mr Hyde at Czech / Wikipedia

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WASHINGTON – The federal government is announcing a plan for rationing Remdesivir, the only drug so far that has shown some promise as a treatment for severe Coronavirus patients.

A shortage of the drug is now putting hospitals in a tough position.

“New York state is working with HHS, health and human services on the federal side, administering to 2900 people at 15 hospitals,” explained New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday.

The federal government has given New York enough for 2,900 patients, but there are about 7,262 Coronavirus patients in state hospitals.

Saturday, the federal government said in addition to sending Remdesivir to hospitals, they’d also send it to some state health departments and intend eventually to send it to all state health departments.

Although, they haven’t said how much they’ll send to each state, or their formula for determining those amounts.

Another issue, doctors want to know which Coronavirus patients this drug works for best.

It has been studied, but the federal government still hasn’t published that study, so doctors have no data.


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