Siena Poll: 49 Percent Say To Keep NY PAUSE Restrictions Beyond May 15

Photo: CDC

LOUDONVILLE – In a poll released by the Siena College Research Institute on Monday, 49% of residents say the New York State ‘On PAUSE’ restrictions should remain in place beyond May 15.

However, 39% say they believe it will be safe to gradually open.

52% of those that worked outside of the home prior to the pandemic are very confident that their businesses will take the steps to keep employees and clients safe from the virus. While 81% are somewhat confident, only 27% are very confident.

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According to the poll, in order to feel safe going to work outside of the home, the workforce said the following is necessary:

  • workers are provided with masks (75%)
  • a treatment for the virus is available (71%)
  • workplaces are sanitized daily (72%)
  • both diagnostic (64%) and antibody (61%) testing is available
  • workplaces are set up for social distancing (61%)


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