Federal Government Giving States $11 Billion To Ramp Up Testing

Photo: Matt Hecht / U.S. Air National Guard

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WASHINGTON – As the Trump Administration highlights efforts to ramp up access to COVID-19 testing, the President is pushing for state economies to reopen and Americans to go back to work.

Governors have said expanded testing is crucial to reopening their states, and the White House on Monday dedicated $11 billion to help ramp up capacity.

By May 17, at least 48 states will be partially reopened, with Governors keeping a close eye on trends.

As President Trump pushes to get back to business, three members of his Coronavirus Task Force are quarantining to some degree, after contact with a white house staffer who tested positive.

That’s led to questions about precautions in the west wing, concerns, the president downplayed.

“We have a lot of people coming in and out,” explained President Trump. “Many of those people, most of those people are tested, depending on what portion of the Oval office area they’re going in.”

“Everybody coming into the president’s office gets tested,” the President furthered. “And I felt no vulnerability.”

On Monday, White House staffers were advised to wear face coverings in the west wing and to maintain social distancing.


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