Governor Cuomo Asking Congress For $61 Billion Amid COVID Outbreak

Image by Darren McGee / Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

ALBANY — New York Governor Andrew is calling for $61 billion in federal aid to help with costs associated with the Coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, the Governor asked for more money from Congress to fund schools, local governments, and hospitals.

Otherwise, he says they could see a 20 percent cut in spending.

“To get this economy back up and running. we’re going to need an intelligent stimulus bill from Washington,” said Governor Cuomo Tuesday.

The Governor said the bill in Congress should not include so-called “political pork.” He also said he hopes this will be a time for the federal government to “re-imagine America.”

“The investment in public infrastructure is long overdue. They’ve talked about this for years. There are dozens and dozens of reports that will talk about the bad shape of our roads and our bridges and how bad our airports are compared to international airports,” he said.

Last month the National Governor’s Association asked federal lawmakers for $500 billion to help fund states.


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