Saturday Protest To Continue Call For Reopening In Chautauqua County

Image by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.

JAMESTOWN – Protestors will once again take to the streets of Jamestown on Saturday calling on state, county and local officials to reopen our area.

Gerrit Cain, the local spokesperson for Open NY, says residents will gather at noon in Dow Park to share their stories with the media about how their livelihoods have been negatively impacted by the New York on PAUSE shutdown.

This week, our area’s Congressional and State Representative held a press conference speaking out about the shutdown and throwing their support behind reopening.

Assemblyman Goodell making the boldest case calling for Chautauqua County to open in a “safe responsible manner” immediately.

Cain says that the current opening process is flawed in that our area is grouped in with the Buffalo Metro, which on Thursday caused a step back in the reopening process.

“The strategy of reopening by economic development region is flawed in that it ignores the significant difference between rural counties and counties such as Erie and Niagara with large metro regions,” explained Cain. “The data are clear that the virus is not impacting these regions equally. Therefore, we should have very different reopening strategies.”

Cain says there will likely be pushback by the State but believes the potential consequences pale in comparison to the damage to livelihoods that is caused by the shutdown.


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