Protest Continues Call For Reopening

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JAMESTOWN – Protestors once again took to the streets of Jamestown on Saturday calling on state, county and local officials to reopen our area.

Around 150 demonstrators gathered at noon in Dow Park sharing their stories about how their livelihoods have been negatively impacted by the New York on PAUSE shutdown.

This third of three demonstrations was notably more successful than the first two which were held on pervious Fridays and in dreary weather.

The first outing drew an estimated 100 people and the number declined to about 50 last week.

As many as two JPD patrol vehicles kept a quiet watch, but the crowd “peaceably assembled,” and officers never left their vehicles.

Gerrit Cain, the local spokesperson for Open NY, says that the current opening process is flawed in that our area is grouped in with the Buffalo Metro.

“The strategy of reopening by economic development region is flawed in that it ignores the significant difference between rural counties and counties such as Erie and Niagara with large metro regions,” explained Cain. “The data are clear that the virus is not impacting these regions equally. Therefore, we should have very different reopening strategies.”

Cain says there will likely be pushback by the State but believes the potential consequences pale in comparison to the damage to livelihoods that is caused by the shutdown.

This week, our area’s Congressional and State Representative held a press conference speaking out about the shutdown and throwing their support behind reopening.

Assemblyman Goodell made the boldest case calling for Chautauqua County to open in a “safe responsible manner” immediately.

On Friday, officials in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Allegany County announced they are seeking to reopen as a sub-region.

Chautauqua County Executive PJ Wendel says after speaking with Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, and others on the Western New York “Control Board,” he is confident state officials will hear his call.



  1. Governor Cuomo is trying to save the lives of these people and all of us by using a fact-based system for safe reopening. He has nothing to do with “communism.” It’s the president who is best friends with ex-KGB Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. I guess such “protestors” must not know history. I think we all might question any lawmakers who claim to represent us yet want to play Russian roulette with all our lives by opening too fast. Facts, science, experts and safe opening is the safest protocol.

    • I respect your opinion. I would hope you respect mine. Yes there is a virus. Yes we have learned much. Stand a few feet away when in line. Cover your cough. Wash your hands. You don’t have to shake hands with people you don’t know. Acknowledgement is fine. Closing down a region because you have a bigger problem 600 miles away doesn’t make any sense. We learned, we’re responsible and we can appreciate the seriousness of this virus. We don’t need the State to help us be safe. We know.

      • Closing down a region is an effort to stop the spread so that this region doesn’t became a bigger problem state wide and the entire state isn’t facing the same crisis as 600 miles away. I find it interesting that you “respect an opinion” and want your opinion respected. Who do represent? Yourself? Two hundred protesters? Certainly not the majority.

    • Cuomo is a con man who wants absolute control, just like put in, it’s already been proven false with the president’s ties to Russia, a huge lie perpetrated by democrats who should be held accountable for their actions. It’s the dumb was democrats who want to move the Country towards socialism and communism, you are just a sheep with your head buried in the sand.

    • Why is the Swedish flag part of this protest? This has nothing to do with Sweden nor is Sweden behind any of the protests here in NY.

  2. the smart, thoughtful, careful residents of Chautauqua followed appropriate safety standards by staying home and not hanging out with a bunch of people not wearing masks with no social distancing. Muttering a bunch of B.S. opinions from National News isn’t the same as educated decisions put in place to help stop the spread of a deadly virus. The county is on Pause so the people from Erie county won’t flock to the southern counties possibly spreading the desease and the counties will all open at the same time deemed safe by the educated.

  3. Why is a Goodell, a governed official, lying? He knows very well that all beaches are opening memorial day weekend, depending on the local government. And NYC has declined to open. He also knows this is a political event, a Trump rally. Many participants have Trump and anti-Obama signs. What sites that have to do with the shut down?

    • Goodell brought up church services while protesting, 180 people were potentially exposed to Covid19 when ONE Covid positive person attended a service in California. The pause wasn’t put in place to shut churches down, it was so that a large group of people such as 180 are not all in one room where they could all be exposed to the virus if someone sick or asymptomatic was in attendance. Trying to control the spread of disease during a Pandemic is not the same as violating the Constitution. These are safety precautions put in place Temporarily to save lives.

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