Lt. Gov. Visits Jamestown For Business Tour In Wake Of COVID-19 Shutdown

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JAMESTOWN – Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul visited Jamestown this morning for a tour to several businesses in the downtown area. 

Hochul spoke with reporters following the event. She says she’s really proud of the way the community has responded to the COVID-19 crisis, along with the gradual reopening of businesses.

“I think there’s a sense of optimism (with business owners),” Hochul said. “They’re excited to open their doors, and welcome the public, welcome their customers in. And I would encourage the public to walk these streets, with their masks on and social distance, but open up their wallets and help these people out. They’ve been through a very tough time, and they define the character and charm of a downtown like this.”

“They are a part of our identity, and we have to support them now more than ever.”

The Lieutenant Governor also discussed funding for local governments. She says that, before the state can assist municipalities, the state needs money themselves. She says the state will continue to call on the federal government for aid.


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  1. Isn’t that something that they focused on just to downtown. I don’t even go downtown you know what I don’t know a single person that goes downtown. Why would you the minute you get out of your car the damn meter maids are right there to give you a ticket every single time just be one second late to get back to your car before that meter expires and you got a ticket I haven’t shop downtown in 20 years after my third ticket and you can be absolutely certain I won’t ever go back. I find it appalling that they only focused I’m downtown when the city is much much more than just to downtown. I have been renovating my building and what we used to be to Five Point neighborhood which Jamestown is systematically destroyed. Jamestown is not just downtown Jamestown consist of many many many businesses outside that little tiny itty-bitty area where you get parking tickets called downtown. It would have been nice if Jamestown would have been honest and take a nap mare through our run-down beat up neighborhoods. But now, they wanted to just to make sure everything else was heading from her. What a joke.

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