County Officials Reveal Three New Positive COVID-19 Cases Last Weekly Scheduled Press Conference

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County officials reported three new cases during their press conference Friday afternoon in the Legislative chambers. 

Wendel says Friday’s conference will be the last weekly conference as of now. He additionally congratulated the Class of 2020 for their hard work, especially during the tough circumstances that the global COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Wendel says 101 people are under quarantine. There have been seven fatalities.

The County Executive thanked his COVID-19 Response Team for their efforts during the crisis.

“I thank each one of them….for all of their hard work,” Wendel said. He additionally says that the team will continue to work together as the pandemic moves forward.

Public Health Director Christine Schuyler says that, at this time, the virus isn’t circulating rapidly compared to other areas. Schuyler, however, says that doesn’t mean the virus isn’t completely gone from the community.

“A test result is a test result, and it’s only as good as the day the test was done,” Schuyler said. She says the community has done a “great job” at adhering to social distancing guidelines, but she reminds the community that “this is not a race” in terms of reopening the economy.

Dr. Robert Burke says it’s difficult to determine when it’ll no longer be necessary to wear a mask.

Schuyler was unable to comment on the Heritage Park “presumptive” positive case due to HIPPA regulations, and because nursing home health situations are regulated by the New York State Department of Health.

Wendel says that he believes Chautauqua County is prepared to handle a possible “second wave” of the COVID-19 virus based on experience and knowledge gained from the first wave, along with the stockpile of equipment.

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