Falconer Vehicle Parade To Honor The Class Of 2020

WNY News Now File Image.

FALCONER — A vehicle parade honoring graduates at Falconer Central Schools will take place this week.

The Village of Falconer and Falconer Central Schools are holding a parade Friday starting at 7:30 p.m. on Main Street to congratulate the FCS Class of 2020.

Village residents are asked to stand in driveways and lawns, using safe social distancing practices as the parade goes by. Residents are invited to make up signs, banners and such to display to the graduates.

The parade will start at Falconer Central School and proceed West on East Main Street to North Alberta Street, turn north on Alberta Street to West Falconer Street and then East on West Falconer Street back to Falconer Central School, where it will end.

Graduates and their families will participate, along with area volunteer fire departments and The Town of Ellicott Police Department.

On Friday evening, Falconer Central School is hosting a social distancing graduation ceremony on their football field.


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