Jamestown Man Charged After Allegedly Urinating In Street, Then Fleeing Police

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LAKEWOOD – A City of Jamestown man is facing charges after police said he was observed urinating in the middle of Sunset Drive in the Village of Lakewood this week.

Lakewood-Bust Police report the incident happened Wednesday afternoon.

Officers say when Howard McAvoy, no age given, was confronted by patrol officers, he allegedly became uncooperative and then drove away in his vehicle.

After a short pursuit, officers were able to get McAvoy to stop his vehicle.

Police said he continued to be uncooperative, at times acting hostile to police and resisting arrest.

Once in custody, officers alleged McAvoy tried to break the window of the patrol vehicle by slamming his forehead into the glass repeatedly.

McAvoy was eventually arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, unlawful fleeing a police officer, resisting arrest and various vehicle and traffic law offenses.

Officers said McAvoy was taken to the Chautauqua County Jail for central arraignment processing.


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  1. This is the kind of false report given when the police don’t want to admit they made a mistake. I wasn’t taken to jail. I was taken to the ER because I was having a seizure. The cops in Chautauqua county are not trained to recognize a seizure apparently and I was at first tossed in the back of the patrol car handcuffed while having a gran mal seizure. I’d pulled the car over because I didn’t feel well and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the hospital. Not the fist time I was “arrested” in that area while having a seizure. The same thing happened in Celoron park last summer. I was walking in the park and started having a seizure. Someone called 911 and the cop that showed up handcuffed me and stood me up because I wouldn’t follow his command to stop shaking and stand up. All while having the seizure. When he finally realized what was going on he called an ambulance and I was placed on my back, hands still cuffed behind my back, on a 5 point gurney and was strapped down that way – still having the seizure. My medical proxy at the time (a licensed RN) had been looking for me and showed up as they were putting me in the ambulance. She tried to get to me but the cop grabbed her by the arm and said if she didn’t stop she’d be arrested too. He left a bruise of his full handprint on her arm. She found out what had happened before she got there from people who were there when it started or I wouldn’t even know what happened. I woke up in the ER to the sound of nurses swearing at the cops. I was also arrested in Jamestown one time with multiple charges related to dui, dwi, attempt to drive intoxicated etc. I was not in a vehicle and wasn’t driving. I spent a couple days in jail. Posted bail. When I got to court (Falconer, NY) I was very sternly given the subjective view of the judge on how lucky I was that local cameras proved I was telling the truth and the charges had to be dropped. Of course I didn’t get my bail money back. If you have a southern or southwestern accent and/or have seizures stay out of Chautauqua county NY. The cops in this case acted like they were on the set of the Beverly hillbillies. Chautauqua county is the most prejudice place I’ve ever been when it comes to government and police. The people are good for the most part but the police will take advantage of anyone to fill a quota especially if “you’re obviously not from around there” as one cop said to me in the worst mimmic a southern accent attempt ever. I was asked if I could read and write and if I was sure I even knew how to spell my own name. The cops all had a big laugh about that. It was playtime to them. I was arrested several times in the 20 years I lived there. They put your name in the paper for an arrest but no retractions when you prove them wrong as I was able to do.

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