Domino’s Pizza Employees Awaiting Test Results After Possible COVID-19 Exposure

Image by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.

JAMESTOWN — Five workers at Jamestown area Domino’s Pizza locations are currently awaiting COVID-19 test results.

Nichole Mata, the Domino’s Pizza District Manager, tells WNYNewsNow that three employees at the East Second Street location and two at the Lakewood location are awaiting COVID-19 test results.

Mata says some of the employees were pizza delivery drives while others worked in the kitchen.

“Obviously other precautions are going to be taking place if other results come back positive,” explained Mata. “If that is so, we might have to have all of our employees tested if they have not already.”

She believes that the five were possibly gathered in a group over the weekend and encountered a known positive case of COVID-19.

“I just heard about all of this stuff yesterday (Monday),” said Mata. “I hear there are other things going on at other places as well, it must have been a huge group of people, from what I heard went to New York City and the ones that (went) there tested positive for it (COVID-19).”

The manager says safety protocols like contactless delivery and carryout are already ongoing at her local establishments.

Mata says those who are awaiting test results are currently quarantined at home and if they do not test positive will be allowed to return to work. If they do test positive, Mata says while they recovery their position will be retained.

She says the Dunkirk and Warren, Pennsylvania, locations do not have any known COVID-19 exposures currently.



  1. With it taking up to two weeks for symptoms to show up, how is a test 4 days after exposure going to prevent others from getting it? Why are they not required to take the full two weeks and then be allowed back after a negative test?

    • Because they are understaffed and the owner doesnt care if they’re sick. He wont give them time off. Used to work there.

  2. This story is fake news…I suggest speaking with the owner before posting lies. Or, it could result in a lawsuit.

  3. Yea used to work for them. Your contactless delivery isn’t contactless. Somebody touches the food. Somebody boxes and cuts it. Somebody puts it in and takes it out of the bag. Nobody uses the shitty hand sanitizer they gave the drivers. And if nobodys around they dont wear masks. They don’t care about the customers. The owner, Adam only cares about money.

  4. That is because a girl continued to hang out everywhere knowing she may have it and was tested. Now a lot of people have it because of her. I heard her boyfriend works there. That girl should be put in jail or suid. Her name is Carlie.

  5. I feel bad for these business who names are put out for public eye (employees test positive, ), I mean they already struggling with shut down ,and now this .business will.slow down ,how will they stay afloat 🙁 and if they only have a few employee it pretty easy figuring out who has covid 19 I would think that could be a HIPAA violation:(

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