JPS Launching Committee To Hear Community Feedback On Red Raider Logo

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown Public School’s is looking to hear the community’s feedback following calls to change the Red Raider logo.

Newly appointed Superintendent Dr. Kevin Whitaker released the following statement Monday afternoon:

Given today’s climate and the important issues revolving around equity, it is vital that our community knows that we hear their concerns regarding the JHS logo, imagery and name. The voicing of these concerns creates an opportunity for JPS to hear, and work to understand, all points of view on the issues raised. It is also an invaluable educational lesson for our children to see our community come together to collaboratively work through an issue of community concern.

JPS is launching a community conversation regarding this issue. We have formed a committee of students, parents, staff and community members to hear stakeholder feedback. We are committed to seeing this process through.  The subsequent introduction of legislation regarding this issue does not change our goal – to hear all sides of the issue and collaborate on a solution as a community.

As the logo and name have been a long-standing tradition at JHS, this cannot be an overnight solution. We hope by talking about concerns and viewpoints in a committee format, we will find a way to bridge understanding and create an outcome that will make everyone feel heard in the process.


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  1. Hello, i am a student from jhs and i think this is ridiculous. First of all i know what is happening with the blm and its scary, it is, but that doesnt mean that “red raiders” is a recial thing just because it has an indian. We take pride in who we are and the people who came before us , and changing the name that stayed there as long as my family and i remember. My dad went to t his same highschool and loved it too!! It will happen just luke the jamestown team name, jamestown skunks?! Are you kidding me!!! Imagine the name or mascot will be for the high school! Hell maybe it will be worse!!!! JHS has a right to keep its name and i dont care who is against me and for all of those out there who are students of this school or were, repeat after me: ONCE A RAIDER, ALWAYS A RAIDER!!!. GO RAIDERS!!!

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