Schumer Calls On Federal Government To Aid State, Local Municipalities

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OLEAN – U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer is renewing his push to secure federal aid for state and local government to help them recover from COVID-19 financial impacts.

Schumer spoke at Olean High School Monday afternoon with local leaders in Cattaraugus County.

The Senator says municipal governments across the state and in Western New York are facing a budgetary crisis and forced to consider layoffs of tens of thousands of public health care workers, firefighters and EMS workers, police, sanitation workers, teachers, and other vital staff.

Schumer says the Senate must act swiftly and decisively to provide financial resources so state and local governments can continue to offer essential service and stave off local tax increases that ultimately put more burden on already cash-strapped New Yorkers.

“Our state, county, and local governments heroically ratchet up their spending to confront the COIVD-19 challenge, even when the virus ripped a hole in their budgets due to collapsing revenue” said Senator Schumer.

During the conference, Senator Schumer noted Cattaraugus County reports an estimated $5.7 million loss in revenue. If no direct federal aid gets into the hands of municipalities, more staff from around Western New York will cut or furloughed.

The Senator was joined by Olean Mayor Willam Aiello to stress the need direct state and local aid.

“It is imperative that financial aid comes directly from the federal government to the local governments” said Mayor Aiello. “This will allow municipalities who were heavily impacted by the GOVID-19 shutdown and are facing a decrease in revenues to direct that aid to support their budgets.”


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