New York Sheriffs’ Association Details Desired Proposals To NY Lawmakers

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ALBNAY – Members of the New York State Sheriffs’ Association have a new set of legislative proposals they would like to see lawmakers review.

This comes after several police reforms have recently passed through the state legislature.

“That’s what this is about is to say, fine, let’s do a lot of things for the defendants out there, but let’s also look after the law enforcement officers who are out there every day,” said Peter Kehoe, NYS Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director.

Some of the proposals include increasing the charges for resisting arrest, failure to retreat, and assault on a police officer. Last year, the state legislature passed criminal justice measures like bail and discovery reform. And in June, several police reform bills passed through the legislature, including a ban on chokeholds, and the repeal of 50-A, which shielded police disciplinary records.

“We’ve seen these bills come across in favor of the criminal defendants, in favor of no bail, things like that. And we think it’s time that the legislature consider bills like these that would support law enforcement,” said Washington County Sheriff Jeff Murphy.

The Sheriffs’ Association would also like to see police officers included as a protected group against hate crimes. Other proposals include making May 15 a state holiday for Police Memorial Day.

They’re also advocating for a $500,000 benefit for police officers who “are seriously disabled or die from injuries incurred in the line of duty.”


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  1. the only ones I agree with are the benefit for seriously injure/die on the job, and the holiday (provided we make voting day a holiday too), the rest are insane and 100% Authoritarian

    “failure to retreat” a felony???
    recording an officer a felony????? wtf!!

    this is scary shit. how do we block this? What bills are coming up that will have these provisions snuck in them?

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