Stimulus Negotiations Continue Today

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WASHINGTON – Negotiations on a new Coronavirus stimulus package are set to continue today between lawmakers and White House officials.

Congressional leaders are expected to meet with Trump Administration officials to resume discussions, although swift bipartisan agreement seems unlikely.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says even through significant divisions remain between Democrats and Republicans; he is hopeful lawmakers can work together to pass four key points of the package.

The Senator is calling to renew the extension of the $600 federal enhanced unemployment program and provide additional funding to protect renters, homeowners, local government and schools.

“These things do cost dollars and people say, ‘well, what about the expense, the dollars, the deficit,’ unfortunately we only have two choices: we can underfund what’s needed, and it will cost us more in the long run because COVID will still stay with us, and as long COVID stays with us the economy will not recover, or, we can spend the adequate robust dollars now and end this crisis,” said Schumer on Sunday.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchi argued the White House proposed a one-week, 600-dollar unemployment benefit extension as negotiations continued, but he said democrats rebuffed that offer. The benefits previously expired on Friday.



  1. The economy is still down and unemployment is continuing climb up hill. Even the top economics have predicted any improvement will show the economy will come back soon. Plus there are more people still suffering by the coronavirus on top of the recession. I believe the congress should help unemployment worker get thru this crisis by extending the $600.00 until at least the vaccine come out. Why rich people have gotten a lot of benefits in the pass regarding their taxes while the poor or low income people just can not get even one life time of $600.00 extra unemployment for at least one year when they really in needed while they have been working hard before they become unemployed. Congress/Republicans: please understand that the jobs offered were not enough for unemployed people to fill in and it is very wrong when the Republicans party said the reason unemployed workers refused to go to work because the $600.00. Where did the Republican Party get the data from ?????? the only data available is showing there is no such $600.00 extension letting the unemployed people refuse to go back to work. Mrs. Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Chuck Schumer please fight for us the Americans who are really in needed for help

    • I’m in Mississippi,I’m 54 year old woman single and struggling. Rent electricity food are things I can no longer afford since I lost my job due to COVID 19. I have went through all money I had saved since this started. There are no jobs. It’s not safe out there. We’re still under a stay safe at home order. We are not LAZY we are afraid of this virus. Our government makes us feel unworthy.

  2. The people on dr quarantine high risk individuals to be helped first. We do not have the option to find a job to get us by. The coronavirus has to be on a downward slope to be released by Dr. MO max unemployment is 320. While most make between 120-357. Myself 120 after taxes. I am left with 2 options either go back to my job and run the risk of getting sick. Then the last 130 ish days were worth absolutely worth nothing.

  3. I’d like to know what a person like me is supposed to do who is a single mom with no help. My jobs has to be in between school hours which my previous job was perfect but it is now up for sale and not open anymore. 67 dollars a week and I have 2 kids rent plus other utility bills, car insurance and phone bill. How does anyone make it on 67 dollars a week and struggling to find work that I can actually stick with because of school hours?

  4. I personally know a 15yr old, whom lives at home, pays NO BILLS, worked less than 20hrs a week(per NYS law, remember he is only 15) who received his unemployment check for the past 5 months, $10,000, bought himself a brand new 2020 ATV 4×4, he picked the color blue.
    Think about that the next time you say “for the people in need”,

  5. Why can’t you do what Pres. Trump told us. Those who are cause all of us so much pain. Wondering where our food, home, lights, gas how do we pay for our homes. They don’t have to worry like us. Their checks will keep coming in for them. But not for us.

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