JPS Superintendent Says Most Parent Feedback Favors Face-To-Face Learning

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JAMESTOWN – Jamestown’s Public Schools Superintendent says that parent feedback is critical to making school reopening this fall a success.

Last week, Superintendent Dr. Kevin Whitaker released the district’s COVID-19 reopening plan.

The Superintendent says since the release, the school has received over 1,800 responses to the district’s online survey.

Currently, Whitaker is leaning towards two hybrid reopening models that would have students attend class in person at least two days a week, with three days of virtual learning at home. Much of the feedback the district has received so far, according to Whitaker, favors face-to-face learning.

He says because many rely on school as a source of childcare, the hybrid style might be the best option to take.

“What we’re after is what kind of impact that has on their work, on their home life, and a which one of the those, generally two models, might work for them,” said Whitaker. “So what will happen is we have that say a general model that we go with, and then each building would say here is how that general model works specifically here, which doors are we going to use, what’s our general screening process, who are the people that are going to be doing that, what’s the process if we get someone who is symptomatic, etcetera, etcetera.”

The Superintendent says by August 15 the district will formally announce specific reopening plans for each school within the district.

Whitaker says to wait on the Governor to make decisions about local schools creates a challenging process.

Jamestown Public Schools, according to Whitaker, is moving forward with the assumption that their plans will be approved by the Governor’s Office, even though an official decision hasn’t been released yet by the Governor.


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