Parent Calls For Online Learning Option

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JAMESTOWN – A parent with students at Jamestown Public Schools is calling on the district to allow parents to choose whether or not their children attend school in person this fall.

Lindsay Fain, the mother of three students in Jamestown’s elementary, middle and high schools, says she has read the school’s reopening plan and has concerns about kids keeping their masks on.

Fain says she is specifically worried about her son who has a pre-existing medical condition catching COVID-19 while at school.

“For me and my peace of mind, it just makes me feel better having my son at home, for those reasons, for the fact that it’s hard for him to wear masks all day because he has asthmatic conditions,” said Fain.

She is calling on school officials to offer two options to parents, one where they send children back for face-to-face instruction, and the other where parents can choose to have their children attend 100 percent virtually.

“Can we at least examine that option for parents and maybe revamp the reopening plan to add an option in for those parents who want to opt out, but still keep their kids involved in the school district, and just do a complete virtual learning,” furthered Fain.

Since releasing the district’s reopening plan, Superintendent Dr. Kevin Whitaker says most parent feedback favors face-to-face instruction.

In a statement to WNY News Now Thursday morning, Whitaker said the school would “of course allow for modifications based on a child with a serious medical condition.”

By August 15 the district is expected to formally announce specific reopening plans for each specific school.


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  1. less than 1 in 10 kids have the home support and atmosphere for online learning, on-line learning requires tremendous amounts of self discipline, from both the student and those around the….most people can not make on-line learning successful….

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