Officials Continue To Stress Parent, Teacher Feedback Vital In Reopening

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ALBANY – With just a few weeks ahead of the start of the school year, New York leaders are continuing to lay out what that could look like across the state.

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday echoed what he’s been saying for the past couple of weeks, although the state is allowing schools to reopen, it will be up to each district on how that actually happens.

He says ultimately the school districts need to cater to what the parents and teachers want because, without their say, there won’t be a school if the parents don’t send their child or the teachers don’t go to work.

That’s why each district must answer any questions or concerns ahead of reopening.

“The parents are right to be concerned. It’s only natural for the parents and teachers to have questions, they’re not being obstructionists. And I want the local school districts to understand that,” Cuomo said.

The state is requiring each district to hold three to five information sessions by the end of the week.

This is so school officials can speak directly to parents and teachers before the start of this school year.


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