10th COVID-19 Death Reported In Chautauqua County

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MAYVILLE – A 50-year-old Chautauqua County man has died due to ongoing complications from the novel Coronavirus.

Chautauqua County Health Officials say this is the tenth COVID-19 related death.

They say the man was diagnosed in late July and has been hospitalized out of state since then.

He suffered from multiple chronic health conditions and was not able to overcome complications of the infection, officials said.

Fourteen new cases of the virus were also reported since Monday, bringing the countywide total to 410.

The new cases involve two people under the age of 18, a woman in her 20s, two women in their 30s, a man and two women in their 40s, a man in his 50s, a man and two women in their 60s, a woman in her 70s, and a woman in her 100s.

There are now 107 cases active, with 76 of those located in the northern part of the county.



  1. How many people have died in Chautauqua country from Covid 19 alone without any other underlying health issues? In other words, how many people die WITH Covid or FROM Covid?

  2. Of course, even if someone died who didn’t have a diagnosed underlying condition, we still wouldn’t know because Covid 19 has never, itself, been isolated or identified. It has never met Koch’s Postulates, the gold standard method of identifying a specific virus strain. All we can ID is a type of Corona Virus was or is present. Many common colds are caused by a Corona Virus. Cases do not equal illness.

  3. Double counting death causes again. Even murders have been counted a C deaths. No tests required, just a doctor claiming they also had some of the symptoms, a sneeze, a cough, that is all it takes. As many have said, clearly the numbers are inflated.

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