Local Health Care Provider Receives Million Dollar Federal Grant

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JAMESTOWN – A local health care provider has received a $1 million federal grant.

Congressman Tom Reed says The Chautauqua Center will see the funding from the Capital Assistance for Disaster Response and Recovery Efforts program.

The program helps health centers impacted by various natural disasters and crises with aid to help the response to and recovery from emergencies.

Reed says the package also increases the capacity and capability to respond to these types of situations in the future by supporting access to high-quality primary care services for underserved and vulnerable populations.

“We care about making sure our regional health centers have fair access to the funds and resources they need to respond quickly to emergencies now and in the future,” said Reed in a statement. “We were proud to support this funding and will continue the fight to bring these important resources to our district.”

Officials with The Chautauqua Center say the funding will be used to help build a new facility in Dunkirk.

The group hopes to have the new location open and serving the community by July of next year.


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