Gas Prices Continue To Decline, Even Lower Prices Anticipated

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NEW YORK – New York State ranks 13th in average gas per gallon prices based on the latest figures from AAA, with a state average price of $2.27 per gallon, but even lower prices are predicted as people drive less during the fall season.

Officials are citing lower demand for gasoline as the main driving factor in lowered prices. The highest average price in the United States is California, at $3.23 per gallon, while Mississippi leads the nation with a low price of $1.85 per gallon.

During the last month, state average prices have fluctuated between $2.28 and $2.16 per gallon.

New York had a 2020 high of $2.65 per gallon in January. The state’s lowest average was $2.05 per gallon in May.

The national gas price average is $2.18 this week, which is one cent less than last week, the same price as a month ago, but 48 cents cheaper than mid-September last year.

On the week, all states saw gas prices decrease or remain stable at the pump. The majority of state averages have pushed cheaper by a penny or two since last Monday.

With the nation entering the fall driving season, which typically sees fewer road trips, a continued drop in demand will likely lead to pump prices continuing to decrease.


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