Cuomo Says He Will Tour Bills Stadium To Decide If Fans Should Be Allowed In

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ORCHARD PARK – There’s still a glimmer of hope for Bills fans wanting to attend the October 15 game.

Governor Andrew Cuomo now plans to come and tour Bills Stadium to help him decide if and when fans should be allowed inside.

The announcement comes one day after the Bills announced there would be no fans in the stands for the foreseeable future.

“I am 100% eager about the games but I’m gonna go out, meet with the team leadership, tour the stadium,” Gov. Cuomo said on a press phone call Wednesday. “We have engineers looking at the situation now to see if there’s a way we can work it out- but again with safety, the complicating factor, the overall infection rate in WNY, but we’re working on it and we’re working on it actively.”

The Governor did not say when he will be touring the stadium.

On Tuesday, the Bills organization released a statement saying they won’t be allowing fans back into Bills Stadium anytime soon.

Last month, the team announced there wouldn’t be fans at the first two home games of the season based on guidance from the department of health.


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  1. Who the hell does this dictator think he is. It is time that the business owners in nys enlist Mr. Cambria to represent them as well and get this dictators powers stripped from him through a federal court. Some of His orders have already been deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge. Nys stand up and fight for what you believe in and fight for your freedom before you have no freedoms left thanks to king Cuomo. We continue to let this man do what he is doing and he keeps these powers until April of 2021 no one will recognise this state at that point.

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