New Puerto Rican Restaurant Opens In Downtown Jamestown

Image by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.

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JAMESTOWN – A new Puerto Rican eatery opened Thursday morning in downtown Jamestown.

La Rumba, owned by Jomar Gomez and his girlfriend Lee Perez, is located at 104 W. 2nd St. along Foundry Alley.

Gomez says his restaurant offers a lot of unique Hispanic cuisine and touts a fresh new vibe.

“The only thing I’m staying focused on is I want to succeed, and I want to make Jamestown proud,” Gomez told WNY News Now.

If social media is any indication, the eatery could be off to a strong start.

“I made a page online and our page has reached over 1,000 likes without even opening,” Gomez said.

He said one post about his business reached 13,000 people.

Among many officials in attendance, was Assemblyman Andy Goodell who has a unique connection to the young entrepreneur. Gomez teared up when he met Goodell at the opening celebration.

“If the picture didn’t say it all, I cried like a little baby. It was an honor to meet him for the very first time,” Gomez said. “I’ve been following him for a very long time.”

Gomez first became acquainted with Goodell as part of the Hispanic Youth Leadership.

La Rumba is open Thursday through Friday evenings, and over the weekend they offer more than just food, their dance floor is also hopping for all guests.

For more visit their Facebook page.


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