Sundquist Says No Additional Layoffs Are Necessary This Year

City of Jamestown Image.

JAMESTOWN – No additional city employees will need to be laid off during the rest of the year despite several cuts made by various department heads in the City of Jamestown.

Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist made the announcement during Monday evening’s City Council Work Session.

Sundquist says that the news comes despite an ongoing, and expected, cut in aid from New York State.

The Mayor explains that the news wouldn’t be possible without the work of several officials and entities.

“Great job to the Council for doing that (work early on in COVID-19 pandemic). Great job to our Comptroller, as well as our former Comptroller Joe Bellitto, as well as the Finance Committee,” Sundquist said. “We made it so that we don’t have to lay off any employees this year.”

Sundquist says that the municipality will not have to enter Phase Two of the Mayor’s Financial Reconstruction Plan.


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