Twelfth COVID-19 Death Reported In Cattaraugus County

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LITTLE VALLEY – The 12th COVID-19 related death and two new cases of the virus were reported in Cattaraugus County on Monday.

The Cattaraugus County Health Department says a 96-year-old woman developed respiratory failure and was unable to overcome her illness despite aggressive medical treatment.

There are now 64 active COVID-19 cases after health officials say two woman, one living in the southeast part of the county and the other in the northwest part of the county, tested positive.

The health department has now started a thorough contact tracing investigation.

Since the outbreak began there have been 308 cases of the virus with 233 recovered in the county.

Leaders reiterate that if any resident experiences fever, cough, shortness of breath or whole body aches they should contact their health care provider and avoid going directly to an Urgent Care facility, or the Emergency Room before calling.



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