Congressman Reed Visits Voters While Campaigning Door-To-Door In Jamestown

Image by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.

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JAMESTOWN – Congressman Tom Reed spent the day Saturday campaigning in Jamestown.

The Representative for New York’s 23rd Congressional District went door-to-door talking with residents on the city’s northside.

Reed says many people he spoke too were concerned about the future of the nation.

“The country is going through some difficult times,” said Reed. “The more that they expressed to me the concern about making sure we are a voice to bring people together, it resonates with me, and tells me we are on the right path with our Problem Solvers Caucus work and trying to unite the country for the better.”

The Representative walked with his campaign staff and volunteers; some of who are high school students that will be voting for the first time this fall.

Reed says he is inspired to see young people standup and participate in the political process.

“We got a lot of issues right now as a country, we are very polarized, we are obviously having a lot of disputes throughout the country, but when you see that commitment, especially with the younger folks that are standing with us, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us, that tells me that I am very optimistic about the future,” said Reed. “I hope it sends a message to the voters that open the door.”

COVID-19 has changed a lot for those campaigning this fall, although the Congressman says it doesn’t stop him from connecting with constituents.

“We can’t live in fear, we are Americans, and one of the things that has made us great for generations is when we face these obstacles, like COVID-19 and other threats to our country, what we’ve done as America is we’ve conquered those fears and we’ve overcome them with our American spirit,” explained Reed. “That’s what you see on display here today.”

Those who walked with the Congressman wore face coverings, practiced social distancing and respected resident’s comfort level when visiting their home.

Reed is running against Democrat challenger Tracy Mitrano in November 3rd general election for New York’s 23rd Congressional seat.


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