Mitrano, Reed Spar Over Television Ad, Formal Complaints To Be Filed

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PENN YAN — Saying a television spot by Congressman Tom Reed defames her character, Tracy Mitrano, is filing formal complaints with two federal commissions and sending cease and desist letters to media sources running the ads. A Reed spokesman called Mitrano’s action “politics as usual.”

Mitrano said the campaign is filing formal complaints with the Federal Election Commission and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and it will send cease and desist letters asking stations to stop airing it on grounds of defamation of character.

Mitrano said the ad describes Mitrano as anti-police.

“Extrapolation is not a defense to defamation. Truth is,” said Mitrano, “There is no truth to his claim.”

If it were a legitimate quote, Reed could have cited its source, she said. But “he has no notation on the commercial or anyplace else, because it does not exist.”

“Tracy Mitrano’s frivolous and baseless legal maneuvering is nothing more than a desperate attempt to hide her dangerous record on law and order. Her own words as clearly cited in all advertising make it clear that she does NOT support law enforcement officers and that she supports cuts to police funding. Her false accusations are just politics as usual and once again prove that voters can’t trust Tracy,” said Reed campaign spokesman, Matt Coker.

The ad claims that Mitrano “refused” to condemn this summer’s riots in Rochester. Mitrano says no one ever asked her to do so.

“Do I condemn vandalism and violence in my hometown? Yes. I lived in the city during the riots in the 60s. I condemn it unequivocally and completely,” Mitrano said.


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