Trump, Biden To Face Off In The Final Presidential Debate Tonight

U.S. Presidential Debate Pool Feed Image.

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NASHVILLE – President Trump and Joe Biden have one more time to share a primetime television stage and some changes have been made since the last time they met to debate.

This stage, likely the final opportunity for President Trump to articulate a closing argument for a second term before such a wide, national audience, with voting already ongoing.

“If Biden wins, your borders are gone, which means your healthcare is gone, the middle class is gone, your safety is gone,” said Trump during a campaign rally in Erie.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has not let up his criticism of the President’s handling of the pandemic.

“The president knew how dangerous this virus was, all the way back in January,” said Biden this week. “And he hid it from the country.”

Despite 2020’s tumult, national polling in the presidential race has remained steady, with Biden in the lead. B

iden’s plan for tonight, according to his Deputy Campaign Manager is to keep things steady.

“He’s going to be ready to talk about his plans, he’s going to be ready to talk directly to the American people about his belief that we can get through this crisis,” said Manger Kate Bedingfield.

The commission on presidential debates has made some changes for tonight and President Trump told Fox News, he wasn’t thrilled.

“There’s nothing fair about this debate,” said Trump. “But that’s okay.”

The candidates’ microphones will be briefly muted while their opponent gives his two-minute response to each of the six segments’ initial questions, designed to minimize interruptions.


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